Kentucky Work Ready Skills Initiative

  • This new $100 million statewide bond program is aimed at building a highly trained, modernized workforce in the Commonwealth to meet the needs of employers and promote sustainable incomes for Kentuckians

Eligible projects include:

  • Construction and equipping of a new facility for the purpose of providing workforce training and education in top 5 industry sectors
  • Renovation or upgrade of an existing facility
  • Purchase of new or upgraded equipment, software and furnishings

Applicant Partnerships

Eligible applicants are public-private partnerships which shall include:

  • Private sector employers
  • High schools, secondary technical schools or postsecondary institutions

Applicants are encouraged to include broad collaborative partnerships, such as the partners listed above, local elected officials, workforce development agencies and economic development partners designed to provide the necessary facilities, equipment, programs and curriculum to train and educate workers to meet the workforce needs of Kentucky’s employers now and in the future.

Eligible Costs and Funding

Successful Work Ready Skills Initiative proposals will create, maintain and promote higher wage and sustainable career opportunities. Work Ready Skills Initiative funds may be provided for up to ninety percent of the total project investment, with the applicant and its partners contributing ten percent of the total project costs.

Eligible costs include:

  • Land acquisition
  • Facility construction, improvements and renovation
  • Equipment and furnishings
  • Marketing expenses for the first year of the project

A public educational institution must be the owner of the building and fixed assets associated with the project and will be responsible for future maintenance and support.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Round 2 - The Process & Timeline

  • March 16 Applications Due
  • March 17 Confirmation Emails Sent
  • March 17 - April 20 Review of Applications; Initial Scoring Period
  • March 31 Staff Review Comments to Applicants Due
  • April 10 Applicant Responses to Staff Due
  • April 20​
    Work Ready Skills Advisory Committee (WRSAC​) meeting to Determine Finalists​
  • April 21 - May 9 Conduct Site Visits; Schedule Interviews
  • May 10 - 11Conduct Interviews at Sower Building; WRSAC Business Meeting
  • May 17Final Meeting; Select Award Recipients​



5/17/17 - WRSAC Meeting:​ Agenda​

5/10/17 - 5/11/17 WRSAC Meeting: Agenda​

4/20/17 - WRSAC Meeting: Agenda​

1​/31/17 - WRSAC Meeting: ​ Agenda​

12/08/16 - WRSAC Executive Committee​ Meeting: Agenda​

11/18/16 - WRSAC Meeting: Agenda​ |​ 

11/09/16 - WRSAC Meeting: Agenda |​ Video​ |​ Minutes

9/14/16 - WRSAC Meeting:​ Agenda | Video |

Executive Order | Webinar | PowerPoint​ 

For more information, please contact the Education & Workforce Development Cabinet at (502) 564-0372 or​